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Domain name 'admin' role eyed up as latest victim of Whois system's GDPRmeggdon
The long-standing but outdated "admin" role associated with every internet domain name will be killed off under new recommendations designed to update the Whois registry and make it compliant with Eur...

Uniregistry: Huge price increase on domain name registrations and renewals!
Uniregistry has recently pushed huge price increases on domain name registrations and renewals (including ... decisions have created never-ending problems for both the Uniregistry registry and registr...

How to register a .EU domain from anywhere (or keep it after Brexit)
Up to 340,000 EU domains could be affected by the UK’s decision to leave the European Union ... your company has the right to register a domain name using .eu. The EU Commission has appointed EURid as ...

What does Brexit mean for .EU domain holders in the UK?
A DNW podcast listener emailed a question to me this week that I hadn’t considered before: Will UK residents still be able to register and own .EU domain names after Brexit is complete? Great question ...

Putlocker.BZ Loses Domain Name, Moves to “Safe Haven” Iceland
“We are having an issue with .BZ Registry, so we had to move from to IS is the domain name of Iceland – a safe ... s issues are related to the actions of UK Police. ...

Nominet brings security expertise and tech to market
Nominet Cyber Security aims to address a gap in how organisations approach their cyber security, caused by overlooking the potential of real-time Domain Name System (DNS ... with 92% of UK businesses ...

8 Critical Aspects to Consider When You Register a Domain Name
UK, .PW etc), you may want to refer to the ccTLD registry website. 4. Provide accurate information When registering a domain name, it is advisable to provide correct registrant information. This is im...

Alt-right Twitter rival may lose its web domain
The domain registrar Gab hosts its site with, Asia Registry, told the social media site in an email that it prohibits “use of a domain name for unlawful purposes ... The domain hosting service hosted ...

UK gov't wants to ban dirty words in UK domain names; tell them to #£@* off
Tony sez, "The UK Department for Culture, Media & Sport is supporting a review of the .uk domain name registration process, suggesting that restricting offensive words in .uk domain names will help to ...

The Pirate Bay Moves to .AC After Domain Name Seizure
The Pirate Bay team informs TorrentFreak that this UK-controlled domain isn't their final ... Update: As expected, BREIN now takes credit for the decision of the SX registry to seize Pirate Bay’s doma...

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