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11 end user domain name sales up to $250k $10,000 – Forwards to, a new publishing platform who will produce films ... and Enterprise Scale Software Systems bought this domain name. This name has good potential for an ...

How to Use DNS Analytics to Find the Compromised Domain in a Billion DNS Queries
The first category uses DNS analytics to generate new threat intelligence that can be used to block domain names, inhibiting future access to malicious domains. The focus here is on early ...

Uniregistry Unveils 'Domain Perks' Membership for Registrants
the world-renowned domain name registration company has announced the launch of Domain Perks, a new membership service designed to provide additional savings and benefits to domain buyers and investor...

Boulder-based Safehouse Progressive Alliance for Nonviolence Among the First to Adopt .CHARITY Domain
... domain name is provided by Denver-based domain registrar, SPAN’s Development Director Mary Pierce noted SPAN plans on using the new domain name for special fundraising projects ...

Namecheap Partners With Adobe Portfolio To Make Purchasing And Connecting Custom Domain Names Simple, Seamless And Affordable
"Namecheap's custom integration into their platform will make purchasing and connecting a domain name easier than ever before for Adobe Portfolio customers." For nearly two decades Namecheap has been ...

Verisign files intriguing domain backorder patents
This might be required when a new TLD hasn’t launched yet.) 4. The idea could apply to the domain aftermarket. Someone could register an encoding domain for a set price for a domain name, and then the ...

“BookMyIdentity” to Offer Free Web Domain Names for Indian Festival “Dussehra”
Traditional domain extensions have the majority of the domain names covered. But a complete plethora of new domain extensions are now available online. By using new domain extensions, you can customiz...

State representative buys domain to redirect traffic back to Kemp
The domain name was bought in 1999 but had little activity until 2013 ... this was in the lower five figures," Gargiulo said. The website now has a new look. "Today when you go to, it ta...

Web Domain Dedicated to Survivors of Sexual Assault
Fix the Court owns about two dozen domain names, including ... and the upcoming president would need to pick new ones. So I thought of people who could be in line for the ...

Domain Name System Tools Market Registers Growth with Proliferated Use of Internet Connectivity Across SMBs
Request For Sample Report: Verisign Unleashes New Domain Name System in Hebrew Language to Claim Greater Adoption Striving for market ...

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