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25 Years Later, First Registered Domain Name Changes Hands
Did you know the first .com domain name that was ever registered was ... now sold commercially as Open Genera for Tru64 UNIX on the HP Alpha. In the late eighties, the company started its slow descent towards bankruptcy and oblivion, neatly ...

Unix Domain Sockets
A boolean value that indicates whether unix domain sockets are available and supported on the ... There are two kinds of socket paths: filesystem paths and abstract socket names. Listen for connections on a unix domain socket bound to socket-path ...

Think you know web browsers? Take this quiz and prove it.
Berners-Lee and his collaborators gradually evolved the program so that it could work on UNIX and MS-DOS, as well ... Berners-Lee later said he regretted using periods in the domain name (“”) and should have used slashes instead ...

Windows Services for Unix 3.5
Windows Services for Unix (SFU) is a toolkit designed ... SFU to act as the NIS master for all the Unix systems on your network. This isn’t the same as participating in an NIS domain using the name mapping service. Instead this uses a Windows Domain ...

Building a CI System With Java 9 Modules and Vert.x Microservices
As the name suggests, non-modular jars are automatically converted ... Docker REST APIs are typically exposed on http over unix domain sockets as opposed to traditional http(s) over tcp sockets. This is where vert.x shines. Instead of using an off-the ...

Use software forensics to uncover the identity of attackers
This section from Domain 8 explores how software forensics techniques can ... the difference between design of programs in the Microsoft Windows environment and the UNIX environment. Windows programs tend to be large and monolithic, with the most complete ...

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