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Join a Splat-tastic
Nintendo UK is calling all Inklings and Octolings of the UK! @NintendoUKVS will be hosting the Splatoon ... providing their name and their chosen cosplay. Registration for this contest can also ...

The best business web hosting of 2018
Good budget web hosting is mostly about delivering ... If you have a very common name or are in a competitive market then it is worth considering buying the other domain name extensions (, .com, ...

Python v. Python: Software foundation fights for trademark in EU
Meanwhile, the Python trademark is also being sought by the aforementioned cloud-hosting company. Although it uses the name Python for its services ... it is the company that got a hold on the python. ...

Ashvin Kumar's film on Kashmir hits censor roadblock
“I’ve been working in Kashmir for 10 years and all the facts and figures in my film are in public domain. Yes ... Shastri is currently in the UK where the Indian team is playing a Test ...

Intellectual property: how to protect invisible assets
The Office for National Statistics estimates there was greater UK investment ... Is it a name, a technical invention, or a business idea?” Obvious weapons in the arsenal include the registration of tr...

URL Toolbox: 90+ URL Shortening Services
CanURL - Another simple URL Shortening Service. C-O.IN - This is an URL redirection service with which you can redirect your long URLs to customized short domain names. - Yet ... URL Shorteni...

Virgin Customers Targeted in New Porn Piracy Shakedown
Worryingly, letter recipients are invited to ring a premium rate number for advice and the website operated by the company is not only non-functional but also has improper registration information. Fo...

How to Register a Domain Name for Your Website
You needn't go to a dedicated registration service to buy a domain name, though. The best web hosting services, such as DreamHost and HostGator, routinely offer a registration mechanism as part of the ...

HostBreak Launches Upgraded Dedicated Web Hosting Services in Pakistan
We are giving domain registration, Joomla host, WordPress, e-commerce, business emails, dedicated servers, VPS, reseller, and web hosting in low priced across Pakistan, Australia, Canada, USA, UK ...

2018-2023 Global Domain Name System Tools Market Report (Status and Outlook)
USA is the largest countries of Domain Name System Tools in the world in the past few years. USA market took up about 51.45% the global market in 2017, while Europe were about 19.00%. USA, Germany, UK ...

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