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Nominet to launch .uk domain name registration in 2014
The UK internet namespace is set for shakeup, with Nominet set to introduce shorter .uk domain names for the ... the option to register shorter domains.” Bradley was also quick to quash suggestions th...

How to get creative with your domain name registration
The icing on the cake for .io extensions is that Google recently started treating .io like a “generic” domain extension in search results. Let’s take a look at 10 startups who got a bit creative with ...

Kerching! Nominet preps for cash AVALANCHE from shorter UK domain names
Whether online businesses in the UK like it or not - Dot-UK registry Nominet is now bringing second ... This is the same price as a current domain, ensuring the cost of a domain name will remain ...

How Domain Name Servers Work
You probably have hundreds of domain names stored in your head, such as: -- our favorite domain name -- one of the most used domain names in the world -- a popular ...

The world is running out of domain names—what will we do when they’re all gone?
I tried to see if Twitter co-founder ... who can register, it puts a lot more power in their hands. Applications for new gTLDs have now closed, but it shouldn’t be too long until ICANN opens up the op...

How Does the Domain Name System (DNS) Actually Work?
Understanding fundamental Domain Name System (DNS) concepts is a critical ... TLDs will divide their namespace a little further before allowing names to be individually registered, such as breaking ou...

Apple's New Tablet To Be Baptized iSlate? Let's Dig A Little Deeper
A search for lists Mark Monitor as the owner, just like This could be meaningless, but we know for sure Apple works with Mark Monitor for other domain names and the United Kin...

Automated Weather Source didn't see this cloud coming: Amazon snatches up
Amazon has got round to buying itself the domain, 12 years after the cloudy behemoth as we know it today went live. As spotted by the Domain Name Wire website ... from Amazon's UK tentacle. Th...

35 end user domain name sales up to $125,000 $85,000 – I’m not sure who the buyer ... $3,450 – SitePro is a website builder and domain registration business. $3,260 – The buyer’s last name is Campbell. C...

A Brief History of the Domain Name
Before 1995, anyone who wanted a domain name could register it free of charge ... Mike Mann registered 14,962 domains in 24 hours …and makes $400k/mo selling them. But he doesn't ...

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