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How to register your own domain name
... your website on your own domain—a personal place on the internet where you are in complete control of what’s published and how it looks. Here’s how to register your own domain name. When setting up your personal domain name, you have a lot of ...

Cheap Dedicate Server Provider offers several web-hosting services & Fully Managed Dedicated Servers
The company's main focus is on being a cheap dedicated server - a type of Internet ... Inc. . They are a web hosting service provider that specializes in cheap web hosting, and Cheap VPS, cheap and . The site also enables users to register domains in ...

Five Best Domain Name Registrars
We’ve discussed the best web hosting companies, but if you have a brilliant idea for a web site, you’ll also need a domain name to go with it. So when it’s time to register that domain ... Hover may not have the cheapest registration prices on ...

Not cool, dude: Brit web host Hotchilli Internet freezes itself for good
Web-hosting ... It said domain names registered with Hotchilli will need to be transferred to another registrar and the DNS entries changed as required. " offer competitively priced services for both domain registration and DNS services.

With Google Domains, Let’s Raise Prices And Make SSL Certificates Free
I am advocating for higher prices for domain registration. Now, it’s important to state right away, Google doesn’t have the ability to raise the price of domain names. That ability rests with ICANN, the Internet ... of hosting spam. Different ...

Should web-hosting companies restrict who's on their platforms?
Earlier on Monday, Google Domains became the registrar for the site. However, Google later said in a statement it's canceling The Daily Stormer's registration for violating its terms of service. This game of internet ... hosting provider and domain name ...

Nigeria gains 1,591 new .ng domain names
The .ng domain recorded a two-per cent increase month-on-month from 99,382 to reach 100,973 as of the end of November 2017. An analysis of data from the Nigeria Internet Registration ... number of accredited registrars, domain name registrations and ...

Krebs on Security
In response, the Internet ... registrant’s name, email, and phone number, while allowing self-certified 3rd parties to request access to said data at the approval of a higher authority — such as the registrar used to register the domain name.

Google Domains, GoDaddy blacklist white supremacist site Daily Stormer
as the Daily Stormer's hosting provider. But GoDaddy wasn't storing or distributing the content on the Daily Stormer website. It was the Daily Stormer's registrar, which is the company that handles registration of "" in the domain name ...

No More Tasting: It’s a Bad Year To Be a Registrar
The companies that handle domain registrations have built businesses around hosting ... the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers. Formed in 1998, ICANN regulates domain name registration. Just below ICANN are the top-level domain registrars.

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