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Chaos on the Cheap: 'Fancy Bear' Malware Weaponizes Routers
Thankfully, the FBI reportedly dealt a blow to the botnet controllers' ability to send instructions to infected routers (see FBI Seizes Domain Controlling 500,000 Compromised Routers). But security experts say it's now up to businesses to find and update ...

What Do Transit Riders Prize Even More than Cheap Tickets? Convenience
found that the majority of TNC trips were relatively short and did not significantly impact transit ridership during morning and afternoon commutes — historically the domain of transit. However, the research found that TNC use tends to spike late at ...

Cheap Domain Registration Shows How the Web Hosting Industry has Evolved
Domain registration is a fairly new process, spanning back only as far as the early 1990’s. Any given domain registration company, or registrar, in existence today can lay claim to managing more than 100,000 domain names. Many, like Cheap Domain ...

Why $10,000 For A Domain Name Is Still Cheap
Domain names are now an integral part of any business. Whether the use is primarily for email, a company website, or part of a marketing campaign anyone starting a business must secure a domain name. The difference between a domain name and other marketing ...

HTC U12+ flagship leaked by the phone maker a day before release
Self-described “cheap scoop” writer Roland Quandt with WinFuture was searching the HTC domain for info on the U12+ with Google when he came across a test page containing a full description of the upcoming handset. The webpage was quickly taken down ...

Get your Web domain name -- cheap
Adding domain-name hosting would have increased that to $54 a month, not including $100 in one-time setup fees." Then one day he surfed across a banner ad for MyDomain, a company that promised cheap, fast URL redirection ($49 one-time setup fee ...

Five Best Domain Name Registrars
As their name implies, they’re some of the most affordable in the business, but domain names are the only thing cheap about them: Namecheap offers stellar customer support, free services like URL forwarding and email, and if you do have more money to ...

Smack talk is cheap: .sucks domains are 99 cents a year
We’ve heard the stories about famous people such as Taylor Swift and Mark Zuckerberg buying up Web addresses ending in .sucks. But now low-level peons like you and me have the chance to make like the stars — for dirt cheap. Individual .sucks domains ...

Today's Links: Jaywalking, smoking and cheap domains
"According to a report from Russell Reynolds Associates based on Shanghai government statistics, 144 foreign companies now have their Asia-Pacific headquarters in Shanghai, 48 of which established operations there only in the last year." "Besides receiving ...

Google wants to run .lol Web domain
The new proposed expansion will be far bigger than anything done previously. But for interested companies, the new domains don't come cheap. ICANN charges $185,000 per domain application, a extensive paperwork bundle that requires scores of policy documents.

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